Position Deposit = A deposit to ensure that if you tryout and you are picked, that you will play for the team that you tried out for. It is applied to the $225 fee if you make the team or refunded if you don't.                                                                                                        Purpose  = Some coaches spend a lot of time picking their team. Most often there are players they would love to keep but just don't have room because a team fills up. Imagine laboring over the players, finally deciding on your team, posting the roster, contacting the parents and telling the remaining kids that they didn't make the team (and most often getting blessed out by the parent). Then, while your deciding and calling and posting, several players decide to go play somewhere else or just decide they don't want to play spring basketball after all. Now your either down several players or you have to contact the parents of the kids that you didn't pick and ask them to come play for you after all. That's alway fun lol. A position deposit doesn't guarantee a player won't leave or quit, it just shows your commitment to Networks and ours to you. Because after all, it wouldn't be fair to you if your child made the team only to get bumped off the team later because a better player came along. In any partnership, Integrity is vital. We desire for coaches, parents, players and staff to treat everyone (including refs) with integrity. Yes, even the bad refs.                                                                                                                                                           $75 Uniform Deposit = Refundable at the end of the season when you turn your uniform in and it is in normal shape (If it has grass stains all over it or it is pink, that isn't normal game wear lol). We do this to cut down on cost. By using the same uniform for several seasons we are able to cut the cost by not having to order uniforms every year. This saves us money and we pass that on to you. Most kids don't need another uniform, but if you want it for whatever reason, you are welcome to keep it and we will simply order another next year to replace it. Totally the parents choice                                                             Final Note = Rosters and 1st practice will be posted on our website (generally by the date told at tryouts). No text, calls or emails will be sent out informing the status of a team. When we are presented with the final roster, we will post it.  Also parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, friends and so on, Networks doesn't pick the teams (Coaches Do), we are there to help and support our coaches, players and parents. Whether your child does or doesn't make a team, we are here to help. And it's never easy to tell a parent or a player that they didn't make the team.