Spring basketball consists of players from various cities and of the same grades or skill sets joining together to form a team for extra experience. At Networks Academy we offer spring teams for boys and girls and compete in roughly 4-5 local tournaments. Practices are weekly and usually last from 1.5 to 2 hours. Generally all tournaments are within a 5-60 minute drive and teams will play 3 games on 1 Saturday. The cost of spring basketball is $250. Our coaches are experienced in basketball and have a desire to see players get better while at the same time growing their own experience and building relationships. Tryouts will be posted here and on Facebook once they are set. A $50 deposit is required to ensure your commitment to the team and is fully refunded if a team fails to make or a player doesn’t make the team and is explained at the bottom of the page.

Uniforms will be provided and sizes will be submitted after rosters are chosen.

For more information you can contact Phillip James at 256-226-1267 or Chris Snider at 256-738-6027

To sign up click on the link below

Deposit explained: The reason for the deposit is to ensure your commitment to the team. Some players may go tryout for multiple teams and never let the other teams know that he made another team. At the same time another coach is choosing his team and chooses said player along with 9 other players. After calling the players who made the team and the players who didn’t make the team, he finds out that 3 players are playing elsewhere. Now, in order to fill his team he has to call players he previously cut and ask them to now come play for him. A $50 deposit helps a parent better communicate to ensure they receive their deposit. Basically, if a parent lets a coach know that they are playing elsewhere before the final roster is made, they will get a full refund. If they do not, they forfeit that money due to lack of communication which typically leads to problems.

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 You can pay your $50 deposit at the PayPal link below. Please include the players name along with your name and cell # in the PayPal notes for verification. A full refund will be issued asap if for some reason a team fails to make or the player doesn't make a team.